Create Your “Digital Marketing Plan” Now!

The race is on.  Companies have realized that digital marketing is going to be a key driving source for their marketing efforts.  It is growing rapidly and businesses are creating more digital teams.  Marketers and executives are starting to become more savvy in testing, targeting, collecting and analyzing data than ever before.  If you don’t have a comprehensive digital marketing plan by now, you’re way behind. 

There is an enormous amount of tools available to any business to communicate with consumers about their brand and products.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr are just a few.  This number is sure to grow rapidly within the next few years.  There are estimated to be hundreds of thousands of unique visitors on these sites a month.     

One key aspect about digital marketing platforms is how cost effective they are, especially when you consider the cost of traditional advertising like TV, radio, and outdoor.  I am not necessarily saying that a company should replace all of its traditional advertising with digital, but it is cost effective.  Depending on the size of your business, a 100% digital marketing plan may make the most sense.  Other companies may look at balancing their marketing dollars across multiple platforms. 

Another key aspect of utilizing digital marketing is that you can get data like the demographics of your customers and conversion data from your digital campaigns.  An agency, Google Analytics or other web analytic providers are needed to analyze data from your website.  There is obviously some work involved in setting this up, but it is something that is a necessity if you want to truly understand the makeup of your customer base, like devices your customers are using, age, geo, interests, and much more.  This information should be used to make decisions when creating your campaigns.

One of the things that I love about digital marketing campaigns is that they are measurable when setup properly.  When you design your campaign, there should be a way to track the number of leads or orders you receive in order to understand if a campaign has been successful.  This can be accomplished in several ways.  A webpage can be set for ordering, a number can be in your advertisement to call with an offer code, a digital offer code could be in your advertisement to enter on your web order page, and so on.  There must be a way to measure the campaigns or you will not know if the given campaign was successful or not.  So, put a lot of thought into your plan and make sure it is measurable.

Businesses and marketers are missing a huge opportunity right now if they do not already have a sound and comprehensive digital marketing plan.  More and more consumers are utilizing digital devices to research products and make purchases.  It is one of the most cost effective ways at reaching consumers and it is measurable.  Additionally, you can argue that it is one of the more effective ways at gathering customer data to help businesses and marketers market more effective.